Durable & Reliable

Portable solar power generator. Pure sine wave output intelligent controls, perfect protection function

Indoor & Outdoor use

Widely used for travel, emergency backup, no AC power supply and unexpected blackout

Li-polymer batteries

Portable high capacity storage system with built-in Li-polymer battery

Charge from solar panel

AC&DC two-way output, and two-way input by solar panel and from AC wall outlet

Your all-in-one power station

Backup power supply for hospital, school and home when mains supply fails or disaster comes. Moreover, power supply for electric power tool, lighting and use at construction site, social or business activity, yet for agriculture, fishery, etc.

Power Anywhere. Lightweight & Portable

Overview of model PS10B Capacity 1,200Wh


Lithium-ion Batteries with Built-in Inverter

3 Ways charging

Recharge this generator by DC power from a 12V/24V car, AC power from home wall outlet and from solar panel.

Versatile output

Continuous 300W, 600W surge pure sine AC inverter for home electronics charging with low losses, 2 DC ports for lighting, 4 USB ports to charge electronic devices, 1 cigarette lighter socket and 1 jump starter port. DOD80%

Model: PS5B

Portable Generator | All-in-one Power station

Capacity 400Wh, Battery Management System (BMS) prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, give you and your devices complete protection; features an handle, an aluminum alloy shell and built in input-output ports with sturdy plastic make it safer and smoother to run.

More Details

Supplies the backup power sources.

Overview of model PS5B Capacity 400Wh

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